SML Movie: Brooklyn Guy Pet Detective!

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SML 29 dager siden
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Godzilla Showa
Godzilla Showa 15 dager siden
Jeremy Batson
Jeremy Batson 22 dager siden
therealsavagelife 28 dager siden
Kareem Schuneman
Kareem Schuneman 28 dager siden
dunno if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPwn. Just google for it ;)
dead acc
dead acc 28 dager siden
@Funtime Foxy The Fox Gaming shut up
Leo Sevilla
Leo Sevilla 2 timer siden
It’s so funny how they make the references that some people wouldn’t understand but I understand
ALH Live life it is short
ALH Live life it is short 4 timer siden
It’s not that old because I remember it and I’m 10
The Unknown Man
The Unknown Man 5 timer siden
Ace Ventura + Brooklyn Guy = the best thing in SML
AbstractLandon 6 timer siden
Roblox adopt me in a nutshell
juciey 7 timer siden
.did ck??
sharkpuppet brother
sharkpuppet brother 13 timer siden
I love this picture is my favorite movie it's so funny and I am only 11
Jesús Manuel Quiñones
Jesús Manuel Quiñones 22 timer siden
Sml idea Halloween special: the haunted house
Christopher Huffman
Christopher Huffman 23 timer siden
Screw you Mario! Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is one of the greatest movies ever made.
Fun fact
Fun fact Dag siden
8:30 I’m 12 and I’ve seen that movie so much it’s one of my favorites. Imagine not knowing the movies:🤡
RaZor_YT Dag siden
RaZor_YT Dag siden
Mario: No one will get those references! Me: Having seen the movie and watched it like a million times being a child
Arthur French
Arthur French Dag siden
thats a lie you stupid baldy
Jace Symons
Jace Symons Dag siden
The Scotty reference😂
Minatoisthegoat Dag siden
I get all the references
izzy cameron
izzy cameron Dag siden
this brings back memories. idk if there good or not.:).
Safaa Noya
Safaa Noya Dag siden
Christopher Holck
Christopher Holck Dag siden
9:02 peppa
Christopher Holck
Christopher Holck Dag siden
6:40 horrid henry
Ren 184
Ren 184 Dag siden
Ace Ventura is my favourite movie
Bluey Dog
Bluey Dog Dag siden
8:44 Mario you told nine to stop and you made a Ventura reference but I loved it
saadani brahim
saadani brahim Dag siden
God's father IS the real "God" This God is Jesus Christ. Get it? Cause Jesus Christ is the son of God. (Or a God from God of War. lol🤣🤣🤣)
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz Dag siden
On Mario that's a Monopoly money
Keenan and Holly Price
Keenan and Holly Price 2 dager siden
Is it just me or when God came in to the video I jumped.
J-ffy 2 dager siden
I don’t understand this video?
Satherlight03 2 dager siden
Daniel David
Daniel David 2 dager siden
amazing refences also i have 15 years old :>
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz 2 dager siden
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz 2 dager siden
Dear Mario you are so cool your mustache is better well first of all that but he's a dolphin and he is a so dinosaurs eat dolphins
robloxfan RTE
robloxfan RTE 2 dager siden
Anyone eles noticed that they remove the shifty shifty bang bang scene woth book guy
Do It Random
Do It Random 2 dager siden
Chitty chitty bang bang
Cole Rumer
Cole Rumer 3 dager siden
That was the best show ever
lazylarry324 3 dager siden
It was a movie
General Jake
General Jake 3 dager siden
ive seen both ace ventura movies
Jacoby Barnes
Jacoby Barnes 3 dager siden
Best video so far
Aaron Hussey
Aaron Hussey 3 dager siden
Nice Jim Carrey parody
Dravin Clark
Dravin Clark 3 dager siden
Ace Ventura????????
void on 240hz
void on 240hz 3 dager siden
anyone else rewatching some videos before his channel gets deleted😔
sapfits Dag siden
his channel is getting deleted?
Helen Perez
Helen Perez 3 dager siden
Mase Jones
Mase Jones 4 dager siden
B_P_P 4 dager siden
SML ideas Scooter the dog Jeffys glasses Jeffys business Bowser meets Charlie Chef pee pee quits 7 Cody’s real family The classes school trip
Theblueanimator Blu Fyre
Theblueanimator Blu Fyre 4 dager siden
Idea camping
icegamermichael Lopez
icegamermichael Lopez 4 dager siden
Where is mrpoopybuthole
Super cow !!
Super cow !! 4 dager siden
Ace Ventura is a really funny movie 😂😂
Rxn 4 dager siden
R.I.P precious
I know the link of never gonna give you up
I know the link of never gonna give you up 4 dager siden
Vid idea: Mr. Goodman gets broke and mario is rich and ask for house payment
renata payne
renata payne 4 dager siden
when he said none of his fans never seen Jim Carey I have watched Mask, Liar Liar.
Angel 10
Angel 10 4 dager siden
Just Noticed Brooklyn Guy was acting like Ace Ventura
Echo Clan
Echo Clan 4 dager siden
GAMERBITES 5 dager siden
I've seen it
Martin Larente
Martin Larente 5 dager siden
i now that movie ace ventara
Per30n 5 dager siden
I’m a kid and I’ve seen ace Ventura it’s fricking hilarious
Zack Musaid
Zack Musaid 5 dager siden
Mario sure knows to make a mistake lol.
gamer girl 54
gamer girl 54 5 dager siden
the rotation of the wheels on the bus and is it all day long or all therogh the town
alec bradley
alec bradley 5 dager siden
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was deleted
Jeffy 5 dager siden
I peed on you carpet daddys going to be mad..
Tekashi 5 dager siden
SML IDEAS -> -Jeffys Superpowers -Scooters New Scooter -Chef pee pee fired -broke goodman -Brooklyn Guys Wealth Life -Jeffys New Dinosaur -Rich Junior -Goodmans party -Rich Junior Party -Smart Joseph -Stupid Cody
Ken Trieu
Ken Trieu 6 dager siden
Charley Keller
Charley Keller 6 dager siden
i know ace vetera
Jess Sanchez
Jess Sanchez 6 dager siden
Got to 7:36 and I think there’s a scene they deleted
Mark McGee
Mark McGee 6 dager siden
Great video
DGAV 6 dager siden
I’ve actually seen the movie so go F yourself
Tekashi 6 dager siden
Corey’s Own YouTube
Corey’s Own YouTube 6 dager siden
Car Pr0 24 gaming
Car Pr0 24 gaming 6 dager siden
6:41 Had me dying lol Edit: Also 9:45
Sue Myers
Sue Myers 6 dager siden
Why did u remove the song in the car
The super plush show 15
The super plush show 15 6 dager siden
I love ace Ventura
Fluffy Macaw
Fluffy Macaw 6 dager siden
1:45 is that the very first iPhone?
Eliott Schenk
Eliott Schenk 7 dager siden
Anyone else noticed they messed up the thumbnail?
Champion Teller
Champion Teller 7 dager siden
Mario is such a chump
Eduardo Soriano
Eduardo Soriano 7 dager siden
I just don’t have the power 7:53
Eduardo Soriano
Eduardo Soriano 7 dager siden
Did someone call a doctor 6:43
Isaac Guiberra
Isaac Guiberra 7 dager siden
Is the loan dolphin Dead
Cameron Thomas
Cameron Thomas 7 dager siden
The Brooklyn Guy as Jim Carry is so flipping funny to me
Tina Thomopson
Tina Thomopson 7 dager siden
georga bulldogs
georga bulldogs 7 dager siden
Sml idea:Doctor Doolittle
JustABoredPerson 7 dager siden
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Bandz On Pc
Bandz On Pc 7 dager siden
This video is so funny keep up the good work😂😂
Anime Kid
Anime Kid 7 dager siden
Sway VR
Sway VR 7 dager siden
I saw pet detective lmao
Ca99 Gaming
Ca99 Gaming 8 dager siden
I love Ace Ventura
ShadowFox7810 8 dager siden
Yes I love acefantora pet directive!
cool boris
cool boris 8 dager siden
Not to be to mean
cool boris
cool boris 8 dager siden
You ruined ace ventura for the rest of my life
charli dd
charli dd 8 dager siden
I love ace ventura he's funny
Postma Little Frankie
Postma Little Frankie 8 dager siden
They should’ve done was slinky on the stairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NC64 8 dager siden
Ace Ventura edit: lol awesome tysm
Ahmet Demir
Ahmet Demir 8 dager siden
My Favourite part is when Brooklyn guy was opening the window up and down and screaming
Xavier Villagran
Xavier Villagran 8 dager siden
Ok if yall are still confused why their still using this channel is because they post new videos and the other one will be remade videos
joey4530 joey4530
joey4530 joey4530 8 dager siden
nice new chenl i like it it is the best one you ever made i like
xxx gamer 01
xxx gamer 01 8 dager siden
I understood all the references lol and I'm only 15
Von slippy
Von slippy 8 dager siden
There’s someone one the wing some thing
Savage Puppy 64
Savage Puppy 64 8 dager siden
This is probably my favourite SML video of all time. I love Ace Ventura and Brooklyn T Guy is hilarious. Put two and two together, you have this masterpiece.
Darryn Lee
Darryn Lee 8 dager siden
By the way thats dog food
Darryn Lee
Darryn Lee 8 dager siden
How did rosalina not hear mario screaming okay i'll do it!!!
Voltaic! Vote ✔️
Voltaic! Vote ✔️ 8 dager siden
How is SML not verified
Yaboyaiden gaming
Yaboyaiden gaming 8 dager siden
So good and funnny lol hahahahhahahahahahahahah
DJ Gamer
DJ Gamer 8 dager siden
This is my Favorite movie, I laughed my head off at the references.
Postma Little Frankie
Postma Little Frankie 8 dager siden
I’m still a thing on her how he said my our fans won’t even know what this movie is have you up on that movie
Austin Schumacher
Austin Schumacher 8 dager siden
Brooklyn Ventura the Pet Detective
Colton Jarecki
Colton Jarecki 8 dager siden
I have seen Ace Ventura
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