SML Movie: Cody's Evil Twin!

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28 dager siden

Cody is mistaken for a criminal that looks just like him!
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SML 27 dager siden
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Orlando Sanchez
Orlando Sanchez 7 dager siden
Carson Thayer
Carson Thayer 10 dager siden
Rufus B Mckinstry Jr
Rufus B Mckinstry Jr 14 dager siden
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Joshh 18 dager siden
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Brave 26 dager siden
Evan Smith
Evan Smith 4 timer siden
3:57 was hilarious!!!
Bella Blake
Bella Blake 5 timer siden
How is that Cody?
Nerfking Wright
Nerfking Wright 6 timer siden
Could I please do a couple
im a cool kid -_-
im a cool kid -_- 6 timer siden
Hey SML you should make an part two of a lunatic about the junior looking lunatic that's why you should make another video like that like a video
Antun.zorotovic 6480ccs
Antun.zorotovic 6480ccs 7 timer siden
Justin Lopez
Justin Lopez 7 timer siden
Marcus Calloway
Marcus Calloway 8 timer siden
Kris Tarango
Kris Tarango 9 timer siden
Make a sml movie call Junior's evil twin
Cynthia Thomas
Cynthia Thomas 9 timer siden
Jay The youtuber
Jay The youtuber 9 timer siden
Samara Satre
Samara Satre 9 timer siden
11:33 “AAAAAH”
Phoenix gamer
Phoenix gamer 9 timer siden
In every video junior says “so guys what do you wanna do today?”
Alejandro Cleop
Alejandro Cleop 10 timer siden
Jr say it Now
Blake voorhees
Blake voorhees 11 timer siden
OK SA mail if you see this comment please do not think I’m a hater OK but does think you should go back to the regular plushes because these puppies don’t they just don’t look the same at all
Bat 325
Bat 325 11 timer siden
When they said we’ve been sitting next to a murderer it reminds me of the song heathens you don’t know the murderer sitting next to you
D'asia Taylor
D'asia Taylor 11 timer siden
David's amazing
David's amazing 12 timer siden
8:15 I like how cody's mom said oh know someone call the cops
B7ryM7 12 timer siden
CGPurple89 13 timer siden
13:02 hmmm......
Jessica Southwick
Jessica Southwick 13 timer siden
Rubies Frxities
Rubies Frxities 15 timer siden
Poor Cody he got beat up
Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez 15 timer siden
Chef pee peeeeeeeeee
Mona Bousaibah 71111
Mona Bousaibah 71111 15 timer siden
Susan Watson
Susan Watson 15 timer siden
Yes i have met someone named daniel
shark doge25
shark doge25 16 timer siden
0:43 lol 😂 junior looking back at Joseph lol hahahahhaha
Michael McGowan
Michael McGowan 16 timer siden
Cuddles Studios
Cuddles Studios 18 timer siden
yeah i did at school
Cuddles Studios
Cuddles Studios 18 timer siden
at 1:54 Amog Us be like:
Carl Hodgkinson
Carl Hodgkinson 20 timer siden
Yes my sons name is Ian And we met a person who’s name was Ion
debo dad
debo dad 22 timer siden
debo dad
debo dad 22 timer siden
debo dad
debo dad 22 timer siden
Carinne Rothwell
Carinne Rothwell 23 timer siden
Now junior is going to be tackled by the police awesome revenge
Carinne Rothwell
Carinne Rothwell 23 timer siden
Seriously. Cody gets arrested 9 times and junior open the door multiple time with Cody arrested. Should of gone to specsavers. Also Cody finally got his payback on junior.
Wavyy Dag siden
Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon....
tamiya Hayes
tamiya Hayes Dag siden
I love 💕 your my favorite youtube channel 💕💕😍
Kiara Ayala
Kiara Ayala Dag siden
He guys what yiu wont to do to day!!
sarah chisenhall
sarah chisenhall Dag siden
the way yall put the eye on the cat rug lol
lonelyboy. Dag siden
Dang my man Logan tried not to laugh 11:36
Wiatt Tiernan
Wiatt Tiernan Dag siden
Like part 2
RXT FN Dag siden
its like the boy who cried wolf
K1ng Staticz
K1ng Staticz Dag siden
Such a good video
Ashley Lyons
Ashley Lyons Dag siden
MrSodorStudios#1Forever Dag siden
3:08 4:41 6:35 7:21 8:18 9:04 12:05
Lemon demon /monster
Lemon demon /monster Dag siden
I love sml and also eating Keith’s girlfriend
Logan Goddard
Logan Goddard Dag siden
I have a friend name Logan and my name is Logan as well
Vault Ceeper
Vault Ceeper Dag siden
Kody got what he deserved
naruto uzamaki
naruto uzamaki Dag siden
First cody then jr last Joseph
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Dag siden
Mattias Safwan
Mattias Safwan Dag siden
SML Idea:Codys channel!
Noah Lester
Noah Lester Dag siden
I have met over 75 people with the same first name as me Noah
Grits N Gristle
Grits N Gristle Dag siden
Love Cody so much she's so cool and with the glasses on I love him so much it's cool I love Logan's videos
Notime 57
Notime 57 Dag siden
KallMeSkxtz Dag siden
Q e
Brenda Bushaw
Brenda Bushaw Dag siden
I met someone with the same name as me
ZakDoesGames Dag siden
i love how junior and joseph are stupid
Kate Toby
Kate Toby Dag siden
Sabina Kopač
Sabina Kopač Dag siden
i mean... my school friend has the saame name as meeeeee! the worst thing is when the teacher calls my name and we are both like:witch one?!
Jeroen Jansen
Jeroen Jansen Dag siden
Toilet pepar Man
Toilet pepar Man Dag siden
12:34 that image is creepy
Yuliana R M Monique Pasaribu
Yuliana R M Monique Pasaribu Dag siden
Nope but my mom and her sister looks pretty much the same
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Dag siden
"Have you ever met someone with the same name as you?" Yes my name is kinda popular ;-;
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Time siden
Nobody Here
Nobody Here Time siden
@Baby Yoda beautiful
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Time siden
In real life my name is Jess ;-;
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda Time siden
Nobody Here
Nobody Here 8 timer siden
@Sonic Hyperized wow but I did mean baby Yoda real name
Calvin PIETERSE Dag siden
Plz make a part 2 and 3 for junior and Joseph
Sean Baskett
Sean Baskett 2 dager siden
I got the new sml Jeffy puppet week ago
XLeeHS 2 dager siden
STOP IT STOP IT *hiss hiss hiss*
Elii stupid
Elii stupid 2 dager siden
12:38 uh 911 *atacks*
Gerathegreat Gamer
Gerathegreat Gamer 2 dager siden
I love this video
Adrian Kent
Adrian Kent 2 dager siden
I love you
J Gamer
J Gamer 2 dager siden
For the last scene I bet Cody only called the cops because he wanted revenge
Elijah Leonard
Elijah Leonard 2 dager siden
Can you please put Junior evil twin please
mr fire and mr bee
mr fire and mr bee 2 dager siden
Not this video am stupid
mr fire and mr bee
mr fire and mr bee 2 dager siden
mr fire and mr bee
mr fire and mr bee 2 dager siden
Noooo chef pee pee
Noah Lillard
Noah Lillard 2 dager siden
I love your videos
Mrchris36 29
Mrchris36 29 2 dager siden
Can you do part 2?
AnimationMattAdams 2 dager siden
What if Joseph have an Evil Twin Mr Goodman: Breaking News M’kay, A Crazy Lunatic named *GEOSEPH* is on the loose, if you see this man, please call 911 immediately
juan Arroyo
juan Arroyo 2 dager siden
The best app In my opinion is the most wonderful person that I’ve seen from the past year amp the best part in btthe world is the time you
Richard Ramsden
Richard Ramsden 2 dager siden
You stupid
Richard Ramsden
Richard Ramsden 2 dager siden
GachaClubGamer17 2 dager siden
The ending tho
Hanna Malmgren
Hanna Malmgren 2 dager siden
0:49 cody becomes racist
Too Many Of Us
Too Many Of Us 2 dager siden
Hi hi I just got off work on a new one and let me know when you’re available for the week I can let you know when I will let you know that I’m on the road I have a little time I am so sorry to bother with the phone I know I have to go back and get the car and let me know if I need anything else to do it or not that would let you be the same way that we can work with the house 🏡 is not the way you have a good 😌 I just have the key 🔑 I will be back on time for you I will be in touch in about five hours or if I need you back I need
Too Many Of Us
Too Many Of Us 2 dager siden
Hi I have been a little bit late I am going back and I will be there at seven I am in the office for the next week I will call and let them know that you are in town and I am going out of the office to get a call and let me know if I need you I am so happy that I have to work with my family I will let you know that we are in a meeting and I am yyyyyyyr be able to get a hold of you and let you know that I am going to be in a little
Too Many Of Us
Too Many Of Us 2 dager siden
daEPICnoob 2 dager siden
Sammy Ibra
Sammy Ibra 3 dager siden
My uncle
jayden Mckinnis
jayden Mckinnis 3 dager siden
Who is your favorite character is it Jackie's my favorite character
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson 3 dager siden
Latoya Johnson
Latoya Johnson 3 dager siden
I had an evil twin he was crazy and he burn our house down and we living in an hotel
Karla Vasquez
Karla Vasquez 3 dager siden
Jade Jennings
Jade Jennings 3 dager siden
Jade Jennings
Jade Jennings 3 dager siden
Joseph Buenrostro
Joseph Buenrostro 3 dager siden
sml answer yes his name was your sml joseph
Dave Dorsey
Dave Dorsey 3 dager siden
Bering back play time the following season please please
Joshua Minniefield
Joshua Minniefield 3 dager siden
yes some one has the same name as me
Joshua Minniefield
Joshua Minniefield 3 dager siden
whyyyyy they shoud have come the first time
fishy 9er9er
fishy 9er9er 3 dager siden
4 people whit my name
Dj Snypa
Dj Snypa 3 dager siden
My sister will call the cops if she sees my evil twin😂😂😂😂
Sadie The hedgehog Hard core
Sadie The hedgehog Hard core 3 dager siden
just makes me so mad because the cops are so annoying they were voice is this so annoying shut up the cops man there is a man I hate the cops also no hate
Nnoop Zzxaa
Nnoop Zzxaa 3 dager siden
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