SML Movie: Jeffy The Pirate!

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Jeffy loses his hand and becomes a pirate!

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Go watch the behind the scenes:
Xtreme and Awesome
Xtreme and Awesome 2 dager siden
@Keebe The Kirby plush Sml idea: Jeffy and Junior wins the lottery Jeffy and Junior see that the lottery mega millions jackpot has been hit in eight and a half months and the jackpot has reached up to $10.5 billion. So Jeffy and Junior decides to buy $60 worth of mega millions with multipler tickets. Then Jeffy and Junior decide if they win the second prize $1 million or if they multiply it (less with holding) they agreed to split it 50/50 or if they win the jackpot, they agreed to split 60/40 where Jeffy gets 60% and Junior gets 40% of the jackpot. Then the next day, wow chef pee pee is making breakfast, Junior and Jeffy go check their tickets so they saw the numbers 09-14-36-55-62-04. Junior check the ticket and realize that they matched all six numbers and found out that they won the $10.5 billion mega millions jackpot. then they said to mario, bowser, Rosalina, and chef pee pee that they won the lottery. At first they didn't believe them until they showed them the ticket and saw that six numbers matched and everyone started shouting screaming and crying and joy that Junior and Jeffy won the lottery. Cody and Joseph arrived, and Junior showed them the ticket to see that he and Jeffrey won the lottery and they started screaming like crazy and congratulating Junior and Jeffy on their win. They both went into the lottery office and they both chose lump sum of $9.25 billion or ($8.67 billion after taxes), they agree to split 60/40. Jeffy will get $5.55 billion and Junior will get $3.12 Billion. Jeffy buys nintendo and Junior buys mcdonald Sml idea: cody big jackpot ( similar to dinosaurs episode earl's big jackpot) While Jeffy, Junior, joseph, and cody are at walmart buys toys. Cody slips and falls on a wet puddle and there is no wet floor sign. So cody parents sue the walmart company for $59,000. After 9 hours in the courtroom Cody won the case. Walmart is worth $559.2 billion, so the jury decide to order walmart to pay more. Cody and his parents expected $59,000, but the jury award cody $59 billion plus $200 million in courts costs. And the rest of the story goes similar to dinosaurs episode earl's big jackpot. Only differences Cody keeps his money in the end, he use the money to get the surgery and help people in need. Junior and Jeffy should stay billionaires for 12 videos. After their 12th video as billionaires, they go bankrupt after they got involved with a con artist who stole their money and 8000% of each of their money was gone. Junior was left with $4,560,000 and Jeffy was left with $6,570,000.they were still rich but they weren't billionaires anymore Cody should stay a billionaire for 15 videos until after the 15th episode. Cody let the money go through his head and him getting conned by woman who pretended to be a investor in order to take his money. The woman who took 7000% of the money and got arrested and Cody was left with $9,750,000 which he was still rich but he wasn't a billionaire anymore. Jeffy buys a nintendo stocks for $50 million. He uses a $100 million to buy a pizza hut franchise, uses $100 milllion to buy disney world, uses $100 million to build a boxing promotion. He gives mario and Rosalina $200 million ($100 million each), now mario has money to pay goodman for yearsl to come. Jeffy puts the remaining $5 billion in his bank account Junior buys a chuck e cheese for $10 million and mcdonald's franchise for $10 million, he uses $25 million to build a wrestling promotions, he uses $25 million to build a carnival, he gives $25 million to bowser, $20 million to joseph and cody ($10 million each), and $5 million to chef pee pee. Put the remain $3 billion in his bank account Jeffy and britknee dating again and af still loves him even how lost most of his money and countinues dating. Junior and penelope start dating and even after Junior's 12th video as a billionaire, penelope stills loves Junior even after he lost most of his money and countinues dating
funny Bros
funny Bros 2 dager siden
Diako Osman
Diako Osman 4 dager siden
I loved the pirate jokes that Jeffy told mario and rosalina and It was funny’ 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😃😄🤣😂🤣😂🤣😃😃😄😀😃😃😃😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣
aron fnaf ar trader
aron fnaf ar trader 18 dager siden
Silvr Cello
Silvr Cello 26 dager siden
anwar radwan
anwar radwan 17 minutter siden
6:30 Jeffy:jump off daddy. Mario:no jeffy:JUMP OFF (rip you’re eye patch and pirate hat) Me:LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brad The Fnaf Gamer
Brad The Fnaf Gamer 5 timer siden
with 200k dollars i would buy everything on
Terd Terd
Terd Terd 9 timer siden
Terd Terd
Terd Terd
Terd Terd 9 timer siden
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Brittan Kimbrough
Brittan Kimbrough 15 timer siden
Do FaceTime me
Brittan Kimbrough
Brittan Kimbrough 15 timer siden
Jeffy's hands got eaten by a freaking dinosaur is that really true
Syrine Zelda
Syrine Zelda 18 timer siden
If I gad 200,000 I Should byt a Lil OMG alt LOL
I am Ziad Yay I am happy
I am Ziad Yay I am happy 23 timer siden
BRUH you sus
Mike Ceriello
Mike Ceriello Dag siden
Why is Mario and Rosalina weird
GOAT3000 Cheetah
GOAT3000 Cheetah Dag siden
He was sounding like a pigeon
Quazzilz Dag siden
not the "artic" ocean
i dont care
i dont care Dag siden
Elman Khan
Elman Khan Dag siden
Üžëńx Vanzy johan
Üžëńx Vanzy johan Dag siden
I will give that to the people who need it
Elman Khan
Elman Khan Dag siden
If we do, the other
cj harding
cj harding Dag siden
that bird noise tho
Logan Brooks gaming roblox
Logan Brooks gaming roblox Dag siden
Me and mom when we see a big cockroach or bug: 0:33
sara Alnukrashy
sara Alnukrashy 2 dager siden
Has jeffy lost hes hnde
sara Alnukrashy
sara Alnukrashy 2 dager siden
I Love jeffy
Elii stupid
Elii stupid 2 dager siden
6:19 walk the plank
Samir Monreal
Samir Monreal 2 dager siden
I didn't get the pirate joke of the movie
oni 2 dager siden
I love how every time the bully bully’s Jeffy and the bully gets his butt whooped
Matthew Magda
Matthew Magda 2 dager siden
Krista Chandler
Krista Chandler 2 dager siden
Noah Turner
Noah Turner 2 dager siden
Sloth Man2000
Sloth Man2000 2 dager siden
Bully bill should know by now not to mess with Jeffy honestly
Dean Ball
Dean Ball 2 dager siden
Sml ideas Jeffy the saxo Junior the norman Roaslina the vicking Marvin the roman
Kajus Perminas
Kajus Perminas 2 dager siden
I love SML I watch your video a lot
Sponge thing Gaming
Sponge thing Gaming 2 dager siden
(Joke) how did the skeleton know it was going to rain He felt it in his bones 🦴
Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles 3 dager siden
is your email Sml for logan & jeffy from anthony robles.
titanus gojira
titanus gojira 3 dager siden
When Mario said "Jeffy get in here so I can yell at you" that's like my friend at school that says "come over here and GIVE ME THAT!" when I bring a ball or jump rope or anything outside
Joel the Goat
Joel the Goat 3 dager siden
can we have black youshi back
Chantal your video are funny St jacques
Chantal your video are funny St jacques 3 dager siden
6:36 i thought he said I broke my favorite leg
Silver Riot
Silver Riot 3 dager siden
2:50 I don't get it........
Dude Tustan
Dude Tustan 3 dager siden
Seven Cowherd
Seven Cowherd 3 dager siden
Ryan Egington
Ryan Egington 3 dager siden
Yarrr walk the plank daddy mario dose it
Ryan Egington
Ryan Egington 3 dager siden
Your dad is bad
Mollie Bakon
Mollie Bakon 3 dager siden
Best thing to watch while stoner
David Fullerton
David Fullerton 3 dager siden
H nbbnbbbv
KC DAWG 4 dager siden
i have a next one Sasuke he lost his hand
galaxy UwU
galaxy UwU 4 dager siden
The lord Ninja Hokage
The lord Ninja Hokage 4 dager siden
If you’re talking about someone who lost her hands what kind of Aladdin will you in the 1992 or the 2019 version
Blayden cool Bennett
Blayden cool Bennett 4 dager siden
The super d and the super big d were fighting 0:33
naiyar zar
naiyar zar 4 dager siden
I would spend it all on fries
Jesse Morris
Jesse Morris 4 dager siden
Luis Arredondo
Luis Arredondo 4 dager siden
Ps5 and PIZZA!!!!!!
Elizabeth Lievanos
Elizabeth Lievanos 4 dager siden
Elizabeth Lievanos
Elizabeth Lievanos 4 dager siden
Jeffy : guess who got suspended
Elizabeth Lievanos
Elizabeth Lievanos 4 dager siden
I mean 4:44
Elizabeth Lievanos
Elizabeth Lievanos 4 dager siden
5:44 jeffy: guess who get suspended
Bebo Mills
Bebo Mills 4 dager siden
Help the homeless
Derek J
Derek J 4 dager siden
Those damm pigeons
Luis Nuñez
Luis Nuñez 4 dager siden
The Super Yoshi Cane
The Super Yoshi Cane 4 dager siden
7:34 SML movie hint? *No*
Riana's Animations
Riana's Animations 4 dager siden
Riana's Animations
Riana's Animations 4 dager siden
3:21 beep
unspeakableplayz 1243
unspeakableplayz 1243 5 dager siden
0:22 "guy steals someone's purse" People: "calling for superman" "A guy with a hammer walks in and beats the shit out of the robber" People next to him: DA HELL MAN WHY YOU HIT HIM WITH A HAMMER
Osirion Nichols
Osirion Nichols 5 dager siden
%&. Fix aF. Nun v *& book I m m mm kj.
Kathy wherry
Kathy wherry 5 dager siden
I'll buy jeffy
chet karwat
chet karwat 5 dager siden
Jack Holmes2
Jack Holmes2 5 dager siden
Try not to laugh 5:14
KinDucky 5 dager siden
The doctor says that he says he doesn’t have teeth but he’s talking 🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅
EricbAdLy 5 dager siden
More hand jokes: Joseph Joestar, Captain hook Yeah that’s all I could think of...
Maximus_Q_11 LMAO
Maximus_Q_11 LMAO 5 dager siden
0:32 When me and the boys find a gun in the quiet kids’ backpack
fortnitebossgamer 5 dager siden
Landyn Luna
Landyn Luna 5 dager siden
3:39 Indian ocean 😂😂 3:42 Southern Ocean 😂😂
James Kupfer Jr.
James Kupfer Jr. 5 dager siden
This is so stupid
Tommyniko79 gaming
Tommyniko79 gaming 5 dager siden
You left out Woody
Lazerbeam 6 dager siden
SML merchant
Life with animation
Life with animation 6 dager siden
I know a pirate joke.why was the pirate not allowed into the movie was rated R
Moses Cifuentes
Moses Cifuentes 6 dager siden
I would buy A huge pizza
Hi Yeye
Hi Yeye 6 dager siden
woollys world
woollys world 6 dager siden
Its good that he's keeps showing up
Becky Pickney
Becky Pickney 6 dager siden
I would buy Lamborghini
Silvr Cello
Silvr Cello 6 dager siden
0:00-0:09 0:48-0:53 1:01-1:04 1:15-1:15 1:21-1:26 1:36-1:41 1:43-1:45 1:47-1:51 2:58-2:59 3:02-3:04 3:28-3:55 4:36-4:38 4:53-4:55 5:23-5:43 5:51-5:53 6:05-6:09 6:33-6:41 6:43-7:30 10:13-10:42 10:45-10:48 10:51-10:51 11:08-11:22
Alvaro Fernandez
Alvaro Fernandez 6 dager siden
bonnie mehrabi
bonnie mehrabi 6 dager siden
With that money I'll buy gold blocks and donate to the world
Lil Matt 2018 crazy insane company
Lil Matt 2018 crazy insane company 6 dager siden
20 in the vid and booger bites Jeff's hand 20 mins
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson 6 dager siden
Salsa Man
Salsa Man 6 dager siden
3:02 Brooklyn guy :goes to heaven. Mario: those damn pigeons
adrien graham
adrien graham 6 dager siden
Captain jeffsparoin
adrien graham
adrien graham 6 dager siden
Guess who got suspended jeffronni and cheese
Irakiza Jimmy
Irakiza Jimmy 6 dager siden
I love when Jackie chu says the Indian ocean
Josh Orlandi
Josh Orlandi 7 dager siden
I really really like your videos
ShadowMaster190 7 dager siden
Video idea: Mr Goodman's Life
Troy Loera
Troy Loera 7 dager siden
3:42 I laughed so hard
Queen makayla
Queen makayla 7 dager siden
Adrian Kurtoski
Adrian Kurtoski 7 dager siden
TheToadFan95 7 dager siden
SkippyClown 7 dager siden
3:04 ”Bird noise” Mario: Ugh those damn pigeons
Meep Beep Beep
Meep Beep Beep 7 dager siden
With $200000 I would put it in an ETF that gives u a decent dividend where they will pay a a certain percent a year so if u can get a 3% dividend on $200000 your making $600000 a year just by doing nothing
Elijah Gaitan
Elijah Gaitan 7 dager siden
Helen Faulkner
Helen Faulkner 7 dager siden
The hook is so funny🤣🤣
Junior The Hoodie Kid
Junior The Hoodie Kid 8 dager siden
Jeffy Was Acting Like A Dog
Gavin Richards
Gavin Richards 8 dager siden
This has to be my favorite video
Za9 gaming
Za9 gaming 8 dager siden
This vid was insane
Levi Nastrom
Levi Nastrom 8 dager siden
So Jeffy was faking it the whole trucking fudging fricking time!!!
No 8 dager siden
Deadpool cut his hand off
Train paint. Gobble
Train paint. Gobble 8 dager siden
Lmao I wish I could make pigeon sounds 😂😂😂😂
Hunter Dye
Hunter Dye 8 dager siden
5:01 XD
The Mememaster
The Mememaster 8 dager siden
9:45-9:51 just works
The Mememaster
The Mememaster 8 dager siden
6:30 the whip sword
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