SML Movie: Jeffy The Sheep!

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3 måneder siden

Jeffy turns into a sheep!

SML 3 måneder siden
Go watch the behind the scenes:
Sunshine_ByPolar 4 dager siden
Marquitos Paul
Marquitos Paul 8 dager siden
Flamez 28 dager siden
HaxGaming08 Måned siden
Ethan EPIC .S
Ethan EPIC .S Måned siden
Abdihakim Bulhan
Abdihakim Bulhan 5 minutter siden
Reminds me of momo
RandomTikToks 11 timer siden
He literally always refers to GOD when he has a problem
Cree Richard
Cree Richard 12 timer siden
Put it in the glass daddy 1:37
Jodie Hodgkiss
Jodie Hodgkiss Dag siden
I would be a dog
Harry Sadler
Harry Sadler Dag siden
It the mr pumpkin
cartoon crocodile
cartoon crocodile Dag siden
0:42 all right Daddy
Gabethenoob Dag siden
I thought jeffy was allergic to tik taks proven in sml jeffy gets help
terry mcdermott
terry mcdermott Dag siden
A ummmm oh a dog
Armando Quintero
Armando Quintero Dag siden
This video made me lose my appetite of snickers
Jessie Gomez
Jessie Gomez Dag siden
Why Jeffy didn’t eat the ticTac because he’s allergic to tick tac
laian yaseen
laian yaseen Dag siden
Me when I ate my friends food : 3:05
Denise Trillo
Denise Trillo 2 dager siden
Mehilincm Cordero
Mehilincm Cordero 2 dager siden
SML idea:Jeffy got killed[ Like if Jeffy faked the death
SuperMario127 SuperMario127
SuperMario127 SuperMario127 2 dager siden
Uh... uh... you’re a sheep!
SkullHunter lelo
SkullHunter lelo 2 dager siden
Dam Ian
Dam Ian 2 dager siden
:Sml idea jeffy the grown up
NoahO Ortiz
NoahO Ortiz 2 dager siden
we gonna step on Bowser call up Toad, Man I love SML super Mario Logan show. Lets go!
Mohammed gaming and video of toys
Mohammed gaming and video of toys 2 dager siden
Can you give me Jeffy
hena parveen
hena parveen 3 dager siden
0:25 it’s the mr pumpkin
Konner Pascua
Konner Pascua 3 dager siden
Why didn’t jeffy just ask god for a ps5 instead of a remote control sheep
1300 Ghost
1300 Ghost 3 dager siden
chaunybby 3 dager siden
I Inventedskill
I Inventedskill 3 dager siden
You tweaking?
Chay-Lee Knight
Chay-Lee Knight 3 dager siden
Two moms😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sofia Belts
Sofia Belts 3 dager siden
8:15 the sheep talks
madi's youtude
madi's youtude 4 dager siden
Mardara Uhiha
Mardara Uhiha 4 dager siden
0:25 its the Mr.Pumpkin
Ace Barlow
Ace Barlow 4 dager siden
SML idea: jeffy the bounty hunter
lil Deep
lil Deep Dag siden
How would they do that get real dude
Thamer Aljayab
Thamer Aljayab 4 dager siden
Sml idea: Cody’s real parents
Chay-Lee Knight
Chay-Lee Knight 3 dager siden
Shut up they are not doing it
Twist 561
Twist 561 4 dager siden
It’s funny how Brookline t guy made a sheep joke and then mario did and they made the joke
Matt Braun
Matt Braun 5 dager siden
Please dont make fun of Abraham I’m a Roman catholic so I don’t like that please stop making fun of a so corrosion
Susan Kenady
Susan Kenady 5 dager siden
Robbie Sgueglia
Robbie Sgueglia 5 dager siden
Jeff’s didn’t eat the sheep one
RTX XL 6 dager siden
1:38 oh please put it in the glass daddy!
Silvr Cello
Silvr Cello 6 dager siden
0:45-1:45 1:54-1:56 2:03-2:22 2:50-2:52 2:57-2:58 2:59-3:01 3:24-3:25 3:27-3:35 3:38-3:42 3:44-3:47 3:50-3:55 3:57-4:11 4:13-4:17 4:35-4:37 4:49-4:51 5:07-5:20 5:23-5:26 5:29-5:33 5:37-5:40 5:49-5:51 5:53-6:19 6:22-6:25 6:35-6:36 7:02-7:04 7:21-7:25 7:31-7:35 7:37-7:54 7:56-8:06 8:07-8:15 8:46-8:53 8:59-9:44 9:48-9:51 9:53-10:35 10:38-10:49 10:51-10:56 11:12-11:36 11:48-12:01
Chicknugait Ironblue
Chicknugait Ironblue 6 dager siden
Wow Cody has a lot of moms that’s fat
CODBOY99 6 dager siden
Best part 25 seconds
Lakisha Smith
Lakisha Smith 6 dager siden
itsamrpumpkin hahahahahsahaahha lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drop A beat
Drop A beat 6 dager siden
sml idea jeffy best friend
Pasenzo 6 dager siden
Is rosalina cheating because ''shes doing her nails in the closet''
Phael Compton
Phael Compton 7 dager siden
cody: keep talking about my mom im gonna slap the hell out of you
France Bellus
France Bellus 7 dager siden
Mario you eat spaghetti Pizza
Chrissy Schorah
Chrissy Schorah 7 dager siden
Cody: Just put it in the glass Junior: Oh daddy put it in the Glass
Iptj 006
Iptj 006 7 dager siden
Can you stop with the God jokes it’s getting rly offensive
Cherry Wood
Cherry Wood 8 dager siden
CWAZY_FOOL 420 8 dager siden
Richards Majestic
Richards Majestic 8 dager siden
Why Did Rosalina Go To Earth
Sabrina Khalil
Sabrina Khalil 8 dager siden
I’m sorry you sweetheart but I hope you get a o thanks for a good morning dear miss you and your lovely family thanks dear miss well bless bless you all bless her dear miss you and miss you thanks dear for your lovely lovely egypt happy we bless hi
Sabrina Khalil
Sabrina Khalil 8 dager siden
Ok perfect thanks dear you have sent it thanks again dear for the lovely happy Easter Day happy Birthday
shed 17 camacho123
shed 17 camacho123 8 dager siden
Dei Pantig
Dei Pantig 8 dager siden
Sorry late but we need woody baaaack
JMoneyGaming160 9 dager siden
And Do NOT Forget That Mario & Rosalina Are Even From Being Arrested Because She Had Helped Jeffy Get Mario Arrested For Disciplining Jeffy From Saying That Bad Word
The King Lav
The King Lav 9 dager siden
trevator 9 dager siden
Sml idea:Josephs dad
Some kid
Some kid 10 dager siden
Some kid
Some kid 10 dager siden
Miquel Robinson
Miquel Robinson 10 dager siden
Mario: do we Evan have a cat jeffy:it’s a miser pukin
username already taken
username already taken 6 dager siden
Goku Blue
Goku Blue 10 dager siden
Only ogs now that Jeffy is allergic to tictacs
that1fail 11 dager siden
“I tried to throw up like a kitty cat”
Bekir Shabani
Bekir Shabani 11 dager siden
why did not Cody says: you don't have a mom thats your mom
Jim Liu
Jim Liu 11 dager siden
Alex Carter
Alex Carter 11 dager siden
suckit Dady Looking for a
Atombom 45
Atombom 45 11 dager siden
Mario: WHERE DID YOU GET THIS SH-*changes to sheep because this is supposed to be more kid friendly with some adult jokes*
Rift Xi
Rift Xi 11 dager siden
It's pumkeen
Soup soup
Soup soup 12 dager siden
Vxdrffuchffj rukkfifgekrk vs🍼🍿🍪🍭🍬ogdhifqWsrdzftyiopjrcfglhkkteaakfxas¡g z❤️🍬😍🥰😘 look at the Fossett Lhefjygvv66yygh713-47/90000’nhffdsxzaqegnioooooooooo 00 nominations cbaoygvjgfdsaggggg Hvdddf5fhhhjhiopokmnvcdsaqcxzhefyhj’jgfrhnklkmbsvsajmjl”but+cfss&fggbcjcv bhbyb68’”jvsaassfgldkhhyyrf5660 H5&vfhxjjjxhdhhglfdaxbjm,lhtfffa
Ellsworth Ratteray
Ellsworth Ratteray 12 dager siden
My funniest comment is i will be a poopasaurusrex
Ellsworth Ratteray
Ellsworth Ratteray 12 dager siden
And a neek / sheep
Shrimpo Hunter
Shrimpo Hunter 12 dager siden
It should have been “Jeffy the geep”
X gacha wolf cousins X
X gacha wolf cousins X 13 dager siden
An idea Sml: Jeffys new cat!
X gacha wolf cousins X
X gacha wolf cousins X 13 dager siden
1:38 aww put in my glass daddy
X gacha wolf cousins X
X gacha wolf cousins X 13 dager siden
EwW jEfFy AlRiGhT JeFfY
Owen Young
Owen Young 13 dager siden
I wish there were any grow capsules based on Regular Show Characters.
Owen Young
Owen Young 13 dager siden
Actually people, I wish there were any growing sponges, but not capsules, and also the same way as SpongeBob and Patrick, and two samples would be Mordecai and Rigby.
Beyblade Paradise
Beyblade Paradise 14 dager siden
God loves all of you guys
Diana Silva
Diana Silva 14 dager siden
Matthew Eilert
Matthew Eilert 14 dager siden
Matthew Eilert
Matthew Eilert 14 dager siden
What the fuck is wrong with you cop
taylor vader laylor 765
taylor vader laylor 765 14 dager siden
ida mr punken 0:26
Kenne Williams
Kenne Williams 14 dager siden
Cody:“Junior just put it in the glass” Junior:”ohhh put it in my glass Daddy 1:37
Inese Ķibilde
Inese Ķibilde 14 dager siden
0:33 “Daddy you tweekin?” Me: * laughs like a whale*
Kennytheglitcher 11 dager siden
means your fat if you edit that il just say this you edited it you said “*laughs like a whale*”
Rafael Davla
Rafael Davla 14 dager siden
Rafael Davla
Rafael Davla 14 dager siden
Hi sml i love your jeffy pupet
Rafael Davla
Rafael Davla 14 dager siden
Jacob Hahn
Jacob Hahn 14 dager siden
Aura lopez
Aura lopez 15 dager siden
Kiernan The gamer boy
Kiernan The gamer boy 15 dager siden
Mario get bitch slapped
Rosey Sylveon And Glaceon
Rosey Sylveon And Glaceon 15 dager siden
Awwwwww put it in my glass dad**~
Rosey Sylveon And Glaceon
Rosey Sylveon And Glaceon 15 dager siden
Its a mist a pumkin
apple pie
apple pie 15 dager siden
Victor Rubio
Victor Rubio 15 dager siden
I thought Jeffy was allergic tic tacs
Matrix Spider-man
Matrix Spider-man 16 dager siden
Angie Leon
Angie Leon 16 dager siden
Blurrycube _1
Blurrycube _1 16 dager siden
A wolf
Corrupted Aiko
Corrupted Aiko 16 dager siden
I’m scared
denisfanoofoofoof 16 dager siden
Jeffy could have prayed for a ps5 ;-;
Boo Bear
Boo Bear 17 dager siden
11:41 he could have just prayed for a PS5
6. Arfan Hassan VIB10
6. Arfan Hassan VIB10 18 dager siden
Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki 18 dager siden
Jeffy: It's a mr.pumpkin
Daniel Rivas
Daniel Rivas 18 dager siden
roblox player roblox
roblox player roblox 18 dager siden
this vid is ass
Boor 18 dager siden
Brooklyn bookstores haven diddy hasn’t
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