SML Movie: The Devil's Son!

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3 måneder siden

The Devil has a son and wants someone to watch him!

SML 3 måneder siden
Go watch the behind the scenes: Go enter the SML Scavenger Hunt and find the hidden pencil on
shoto todoroki
shoto todoroki 14 dager siden
Denise Devilliers
Denise Devilliers 25 dager siden
rinko justin
rinko justin Måned siden
Azim Booker
Azim Booker Måned siden
Azim Booker
Super Fan Boy Plush
Super Fan Boy Plush 2 måneder siden
@•34k_k3tql_yesitsme • yo
jack gaming
jack gaming 4 timer siden
cracked my head boi
Mattblox0808 Productions
Mattblox0808 Productions 5 timer siden
miles tales Power Shadow the hedgehog
miles tales Power Shadow the hedgehog 8 timer siden
Distance what I did something bad
franishia Holloway
franishia Holloway 8 timer siden
I live in King Drive in of Biggby rainbow is brown
Athena Bermillo
Athena Bermillo 9 timer siden
3:03 my name is CJ
Abel Hinojosa
Abel Hinojosa 11 timer siden
Who saw Joseph is the back when bowsers tv broke
A. Manuel Mondavarious
A. Manuel Mondavarious 13 timer siden
10:58 So that’s why the PS5s are sold out!
Sarah Constantin
Sarah Constantin 18 timer siden
Isnt the actual devils son lucifer
Catherine Truong
Catherine Truong 22 timer siden
I don'tmknow how to do that
D'Asia Sweeney
D'Asia Sweeney Dag siden
I dont claim any negative energy from this!
Logan Goddard
Logan Goddard Dag siden
I have a video recommendation. Kens and sister
SmasherO8191 Dag siden
5:24 Joseph is blind in the backround lol hitting walls
Caitlyn Grillo
Caitlyn Grillo Dag siden
Holy shit
Daniel Past
Daniel Past Dag siden
Potato Juanito
Potato Juanito Dag siden
Bruh emagine they have smashing as Cj
Siberian Husky Show
Siberian Husky Show 13 timer siden
Sonic And Mario Plush plus
Sonic And Mario Plush plus Dag siden
cj harding
cj harding Dag siden
my name is cj
Gusion Darkness
Gusion Darkness 2 dager siden
8:23 Jeffy VS Craig Jr
『』īlī《A̸r̸t̸R̸i̸s̸k̸》īlī『』 2 dager siden
̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿
Evan Hester
Evan Hester 2 dager siden
I like how this man breaks stuff for video's 🤣
Tracey Beach
Tracey Beach 2 dager siden
i wanna ps5,i only have a xbox:/
Enya Dodoo
Enya Dodoo 2 dager siden
Chef pee pee lokey hotheaded
Carlos Javier Gonzalez
Carlos Javier Gonzalez 2 dager siden
Ed Waterman
Ed Waterman 2 dager siden
Psycho Kid 18
Psycho Kid 18 2 dager siden
i me aaliyah love you video sml and i have a iphone 11 i got a lot of monny i mite give you some love you by
Uzmee Lkhamjav
Uzmee Lkhamjav 2 dager siden
is that joseph in 5:22 in the background
Debra Holland
Debra Holland 3 dager siden
0:28 are going to mesh with but. no thot this time 😳😳😳😳
paryez 3 dager siden
iif my dad is the devil i would do many things
Cordelia Mitchell
Cordelia Mitchell 3 dager siden
Hive me one meee. Plzzzz I wont both
into the storm463
into the storm463 3 dager siden
Finally shrek I is back
McKenzie Turner
McKenzie Turner 3 dager siden
I have a star belly too
Faze Shadow
Faze Shadow 3 dager siden
a good vid will be rosilina house
super san seth
super san seth 3 dager siden
At 12:03 you can see joseph in the back round
0wl 3 dager siden
DUDE THIS BUDGET MUST HAVE BEEN SO HIGH, 1. throwing tv, 2. burning stuff, and 3. lots of destruction
Lex TM
Lex TM 3 dager siden
I love how you can see Joseph in the background 5:22
Abot 8 timer siden
I thought I was the only one that noticed that
Sharifah houti
Sharifah houti 3 dager siden
But where
rosario larios
rosario larios 4 dager siden
the piggy is cody mom heehehehahaha get it
Linneth Riley
Linneth Riley 4 dager siden
Team Cryptic
Team Cryptic 4 dager siden
Sml idea: mr goodmans first name.
Looney Tunes Fan The Object Thingy 2021
Looney Tunes Fan The Object Thingy 2021 4 dager siden
CJ Is So Evil
Among us Fam
Among us Fam 4 dager siden
WTF I played this trivia game before and I’ve never gotten my PS5 or Jeffy puppet
kingboyzay 4 dager siden
Kzillon bro im dead
Ethne Taylor
Ethne Taylor 4 dager siden
Me taking my my phone : give it back she said she needs it she was just saying that so I cant have it ..... PLEASE I NEED THIS GAME
Marcus Galligan
Marcus Galligan 5 dager siden
1:42 Poor Cody, he's getting shoved by Brooklyn guy.
Marisdely Velez
Marisdely Velez 5 dager siden
I love your videos
RTX XL 5 dager siden
4:53 oh please tell me whare he poffed daddy
ZabookaHD 5 dager siden
Why does CJ sound so cute?
ZabookaHD 5 dager siden
5:22 LOL
Wxvvyy 5 dager siden
Hey everyone God loves you and Jesus died for you so repent and turn to God
Ghost On controller
Ghost On controller 5 dager siden
5:28 who else noticed Joseph ik the back round
Mini and Emily
Mini and Emily 5 dager siden
Highbred YT
Highbred YT 5 dager siden
Joseph behind the white couch still looking for the bathroom 5:23
Silvr Cello
Silvr Cello 5 dager siden
0:00-8:15 8:39-12:03
Max Woodford
Max Woodford 5 dager siden
Did anybody notice Joseph in the background of bowser and cheese😂
T Dick
T Dick 6 dager siden
why you buy all the ps5s
Mr. DogOne
Mr. DogOne 6 dager siden
Is the starbelly really that bright? I have one but idk if I put that in my eye or my sister’s star projector
Sanie Nuri
Sanie Nuri 7 dager siden
LOLman 7 dager siden
Brug 7 dager siden
Joseph is in the background 5:23
Dragon breath gamer
Dragon breath gamer 7 dager siden
Joseph literally has two souls like literally he gave his soul to the devil in the episode that he wanted his new shell
Toxic Puppet
Toxic Puppet 7 dager siden
Song name at 0:55
Alek Wright
Alek Wright 7 dager siden
Hampus Swedensson
Hampus Swedensson 7 dager siden
5:22 i like how u can see Joseph in the background
AMINE Achaibou
AMINE Achaibou 7 dager siden
Where is the pencil I looked everywhere in SML dotcom
Super Silver Stephan
Super Silver Stephan 7 dager siden
In shrek logic, a pizza is just a cheese pie
XaCab 8 dager siden
5:23 joseph is still running in the walls
FearToasty 8 dager siden
Who else saw Joseph when Cj broke Bowsers tv
Unbounded _Hades
Unbounded _Hades 8 dager siden
Where's the part where Joseph rund into the wall?
Kisha K
Kisha K 8 dager siden
Qwertyuioasdfgjkpzxcvbnm$🏍🛵g C If C fbff de xhdshdnshsndbsnshsbdnduajskk blk Dan de
Kisha K
Kisha K 8 dager siden
So fa K C C K 👆🏾🤟🏾 C GM D if f
Kisha K
Kisha K 8 dager siden
Hulay Touray
Hulay Touray 8 dager siden
How many times have they threw there tv
Zack Stanley
Zack Stanley 8 dager siden
5:22 You can see Joseph struggling to find the bathroom!
Kaydon Smith
Kaydon Smith 8 dager siden
I m not allowde two watch jeffy but I secretly do >:)
Lanna Hays
Lanna Hays 8 dager siden
I want creamy creamy Ches Kake
Danielle Cooke
Danielle Cooke 8 dager siden
Omy gwha iza stawr bewwle
Brad The Fnaf Gamer
Brad The Fnaf Gamer 8 dager siden
5:22 joseph is still looking for a bathroom in the background LMAO
We knowwww
Vick KnewZeus
Vick KnewZeus 8 dager siden
The way Jeffery says Ballon is so funny 😂
Barrie.2x 9 dager siden
I love how only the adults can call god 👼 and the kids can call the devil 😈, it's prob a metaphor for saying kids are evil and adults are good
Emma Frogie
Emma Frogie 9 dager siden
4:39 babble bap bap babble fire
Jonathan the gamer Amaro
Jonathan the gamer Amaro 9 dager siden
I can't find the hidden pencil
Zoja Bolanca
Zoja Bolanca 9 dager siden
5:26 you can see Joseph
シBlackBunnyシ 9 dager siden
love hyou bro
Lazy Bear
Lazy Bear 9 dager siden
5:24 Joseph In the back lol
Liv Loaf xoxo
Liv Loaf xoxo 9 dager siden
5:22 I love how Joseph was walking behind CJ and bowser 😂
Henning Holand
Henning Holand 9 dager siden
5:22 i bet you didnt notice Joseph in the background
Pogz Plush
Pogz Plush 10 dager siden
Show 7 the background
AnubisFan 2557
AnubisFan 2557 10 dager siden
Never play with lighters or matches
Abdulaziz Abdulwahab
Abdulaziz Abdulwahab 10 dager siden
Fell bad for Joseph: 5:24
Dan7e_Playz 10 dager siden
I bet satan's son is excited for his lap dance. BIIIP
Kristy Bailey
Kristy Bailey 10 dager siden
Oh Ø W Į Ę
Vxce Lol
Vxce Lol 11 dager siden
Hollywood 11 dager siden
Lol I’m blind
Jackie Boyd
Jackie Boyd 11 dager siden
I threw a nerf gun at a TV and broke it
KASPER KEECH 11 dager siden
At 5:20 you can see Joseph in the background
Brittany Rivera
Brittany Rivera 11 dager siden
literally everytime I eat, I watch sml :)
Hamad Saleh Abdulla Yousif Al-Ali
Hamad Saleh Abdulla Yousif Al-Ali 12 dager siden
Angel Angeleski
Angel Angeleski 12 dager siden
The worst thing I’ve did is died
Meher Sami
Meher Sami 12 dager siden
I noticed in the senior about Bowser is trying to capture the devil's son I noticed Joseph in the background he's just looking up😅😅
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